About CELPiE

The St Andrews Community for Evidence-Led Practice in Education (CELPiE) is a partnership initiative established by the Proctor’s Office and the Centre for Educational Enhancement and Development (CEED), reflecting their synergistic and overlapping interests and expertise in learning and teaching development and education enhancement.

CELPiE will work in close collaboration with the Enhancement Theme Steering Group, the Centre for Higher Education Research (CHER), Organisational Staff Development Services (OSDS) and others, to support a vibrant community of evidence-led practitioners and researchers within the University of St Andrews.


CELPiE aims to promote evidence-led practice across the University, with a specific focus on education.  To achieve this aim, it will support the development of skills in evidence-led practice, promote the sharing of good learning and teaching practice; enhance the scholarship of learning and teaching; and create a thriving and supportive community of evidence-led practitioners.

CELPiE Objectives

  1. To support and develop evidence-led practice across the University, and in particular, the evidence-led enhancement of learning and teaching.
  2. To promote, and provide a platform for, the sharing of good learning and teaching practice across the University.
  3. To enhance the engagement of staff across the University in the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching.
  4. To provide structures and relevant support which enable professional services staff to contribute equally and fully to evidence-led practice.
  5. To facilitate collaboration between professional services and academic staff  for the enhancement of Learning and Teaching and institutional activity.
  6. To work synergistically with other committees and groups to meet the Education Strategy.
  7. To collaborate with CEED, OSDS and Centre for Higher Education Research (CHER) to embed a strand of evidence-led teaching development, learning and teaching scholarship and higher education research across the University.
  8. To ensure that inclusivity for everyone is at the core of all its activities and practices.